Trying out Cross Fit Manila


Trying out Cross fit Manila


I live a sedentary lifestyle. I do yoga, core training and run around the village once in a while if I am in the mood. The only literal exercise that I have is when I walk around in Makati or in BGC while doing errands or working.

A couple of months ago, my friend Johann introduced his new fitness regimen which was Crossfit. It was fairly new here in Manila, a group of people bonding together over a 30-minute intense and complete body workout. He pointed out to me that his brothers started doing it and I saw the transformation of Kuya Jerome and Job in the span of 6 months. They were healthier, buffer and exuded a lot of confidence. My friends and I talked about trying out cross fit but we just laugh it off because we knew we would puke our brains out after working out. But I still went through with it, tagging along with Johann last night, and thought “oh well. I’ve been to hell and back, what will Crossfit do to me that I couldn’t manage?” Boy oh Boy, I was in it for the kill.


the box: the area for crossfit

The workout started at 8:15 pm. There were 2 of us who were newbies, and 2 who wanted to do the trial run again to check if their numbers changed. I was fairly intimidated by my “classmates” for they looked buff and strong.The coach first gave us warm up instructions: 50 jumpropes (I dont know how so they told me 100 jumping jacks instead) 20 arm rotations using a stick and 20 squats. I was also intimidated by the “Work out of the day” or the WOD: 7 wall balls, 7 push ups, 7 box jumps, 7 burpees. DO AS MANY AS YOU CAN FOR 10 minutes! complete these 4, means 1 round. Wall balls meant, you carry a 3kg ball close to your chest, do squats, then in one movement you stand up and throw the ball to touch the red line. On the other hand, burpees meant you have to do a squat, then do a plank, then do a push up then end up with a  jumping jack.  YEAH YEAH YEAH! the thought of it doesn’t equate to the entire thing!

LET THE BATTLE BEGIN: around 8:40 pm, the coach instructed us to start. I was on a roll for the first round of the wall balls,  pushups, and box jumps.. but then came the burpees. I felt tired after my first burpee that it took me a long time to finish the rest of the 6. On the my 2nd set, I barely finished it. My lungs were burning up, my breathing was harder and heavier, I was screaming and shouting every cuss word that I know in every language and I was getting a bit dizzy asking for water in between workouts. But Johann and the coach stood beside me and said “you can do this. Go for it. Go for one more!” He was doing the same workout beside me and cheering me on all through out.

I finished 2 sets + 1 more round of wall ball. Yeah, I was the weakling. Johann then assured me, it was okay. He also finished 2 sets during his trial run. He took a photo of me holding the 3KG ball, and said “Smile for the camera.” After this shot, when I stood up, which I had a hard time doing, my legs turned into jelly and I made a beeline for the bathroom. Yes, in order to Puke (hey my friends won about this particular bet hahahaha)

Imageafter the 10 minute friggin work out

Before the night ended, the coach approached us and said “nice working out with you guys. Hope to see you back for the foundations class.” I told him, this was the most intense thing that I’ve ever did in my life because I’m the yoga-surf type of girl. He said, “its all good, you should go back.”

I actually did this for myself. I knew that my core strength wasn’t that strong and I couldn’t carry my own (light)body weight. I wanted also a new environment and meet new people (instead of always going out) wherein I can release some pumped up extra energy after work. It also erased my idea that people who do cross fit (especially the girls) are buff and muscular. They are like any random girl that you see on the street, but stronger. It was over-all a good experience and I want to try out for a longer duration.

AND YES, THEY REALLY GAVE ME THE WORKOUT OF MY LIFE! and now, my legs are feeling the effects of those damn squats that I did for the wall balls!

For more inputs about Crossfit Manila, you may visit their site ( for the schedules, rates and locations of the nearest Crossfit Manila near you :)


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