The Circle Hostel, La Union

I am not the backpacker type of person. I usually make sure that before a trip, everything is laid out properly: the accommodations, the flight, where to eat … etc. You know the drill. But last week, I dragged my friend along to attended the Surf and Music Festival in La Union just to give her an a new experience.

When we reached La Union, the first place I thought of to stay in was at The Circle Hostel. I saw it on Facebook and it looked like it was a cool place to stay in, but I was informed  that they were fully booked for the weekend. but we tried our luck. Luckily, there were two hammocks still available so we took the chance and decided to stay here for the next 3 days.


The Circle Hostel’s idea is to provide affordable lodging to a solo traveller or to someone who wants to make new friends. It is a place where positive vibes lingers the area because every one will try to get to know anyone and where they came from. Their motto: THERE ARE NO STRANGERS HERE.


True enough. Since I’m new to travelling alone and my companion, Kash, is no expert either, we felt welcome in this place. We were greeted with warm smiles by everyone. When you sit in the common area, someone will talk to you and ask for your name and offer you the available breakfast on the table. The hot shower was a welcoming feeling as well. You can order FRESHLY BREWED Coffee every morning  and just observe people who came from their morning surf.


Their accommodations are as simple as possible. Everything made out of bamboo and local wood, there are customized hammocks (with mosquito nets) located below the Big House. The Hammocks are very comfortable to sleep in because even though you are zipped in, you can still feel the cool breeze inside.Image

The Big House where the bunk beds are located are separated into the Female Bunks and the Co-ed Bunks. Each bunk bed has a mosquito net, mattress, pillow and bed sheets to provide the traveller a good night’s rest after a whole day of surfing.


The common area is where everyone can congregate and mingle. It has hammocks and throw pillows on the floor. You can charge your cellphone or laptops or any other electronic device there. It’s for free to anyone who wants to jam, play the guitar, mingle with other people, or to just simple sit back and relax.  In fact, I was informed that the night before we arrived, one of my favorite bands, Indio-I played in the hostel for the guests of the place (for free!)


Lockers are also found at the Circle to ensure the safety of the items that the traveller has. You just have to bring your own padlock and key (or they also sell it for Php100.) You can also rent a newly-laundered towel for only Php 20.00. You are also free to express yourself by painting on the surface walls and floors.


This place is a budget traveller’s dream come true. It’s not a backpacker’s nightmare because you will feel safe in this environment. People are friendly and warm but they will still give you your space and privacy. As I have said, I am new to travelling alone and when I set foot in the Hostel, I felt very much at home.

Thank you THE CIRCLE HOSTEL for accommodating us for 3 days. 🙂



— So you’re already at La Union and you don’t know where to stay? Just hop off the bus along the highway. On your right is the San Juan Surf Resort and on your left you will see the sign Oracinek Realty (It’s written in blue). Underneath that signage is the Tarpaulin of The Circle Hostel. You need to walk for like 2 minutes and lo and behold, there’s the Hostel already.. ready to welcome you with open arms!

Few details about the place:

1. HAMMOCKS  (with built in mosquito net) can be rented out for PHP 300/a night per person. The Hammocks are comfortable enough to give you a good night’s sleep. The BUNK BEDS are Php 400/a night. Mosquito nets, as well as a pillow, mattress, sheets are available for the bunk beds.

2. You can rent your Towel here for Php20.00

3. Breakfast (bread and fruit) are available for free.

4. Freshly Brewed Coffee is also served here for Php 50.00

5. You can refill your water bottles here and leave it in their fridge

6. WIFI is free for those who are in need to use their laptops/gadgets (but who need’s wifi at the beach?!)

7. You can charge your phone at the common room area while relaxing or maybe sleeping.

8. Warm water is also available for around Php 20.00

9. Just feel free to relax and be yourself. But of course, keep in mind that there are other people there so be polite and respect them as well by not shouting or parading in your knickers. 🙂

You can email/reserve a slot in the Hostel through these details.


Zambales in the subject head for reservations and availability.
Cell Number: +63917 8611929

La Union in the subject head for reservations and availability.
Cell Number: +63917.832.62.53

for other information email or

Do also check out and LIKE their Facebook page: to know more about them. Check out their photos and their house rules so you’ll know what to do when you get there. 🙂

Enjoy your stay at The Circle Hostel. Happy travels!

**photo credits to Kash Zabala. My travel buddy for this trip. Hope you enjoyed your stay as well as I did.:) **


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