Pay it forward

Last night was a scary night.

I am used to driving alone at night. I do not mind it since I do not have to be stressed out with the traffic and the oncoming headlights that usually blind my eyes. So last night, the northbound lanes of East and West service roads were really traffic for no apparent reason. So last night, I got stuck on the East service road going to the Fort and I badly needed gas (since I got stuck in traffic for like 1 hour and a half). I was about 200m away from the nearest gas station when my car suddenly stopped in a dark area and with no nearby establishments.

I quickly stepped down the car and tried to stop nearby motorists. A guy riding a motorcycle headed my call and he asked me whats wrong.I asked for his name and where he’s going, he said, Julius Zubiri and he was going to C5 as well.  I told him, I needed help to get to the nearest gas station and my friends are going to meet me at the Fort. He told me to wait for him so that he can park his motorcycle and went back. He then pushed my car for about 100m and parked it in front of Pizza Hut. He also asked me if I had a container for gas. Since I was slightly equipped, I popped open my trunk and lo and behold, there was one (my other tin container, I left it with him). He then told me to stay inside Pizza Hut and wait for him there.

When I went down my car, I was standing in front of the Pizza Hut when someone approached me. I quickly stepped back and the guard of the store told me to come inside. There were 2 policemen there and the manager of the Pizza Hut. The guard asked me, if I was alone. I said yes. He then said, “kala ko kasama mo yung naka itim kasi lumapit sayo. kaya kita pinapasok kasi dito sa East service road, madaming nilalapitan at hinoholdap. Dapat hindi ka bumabyahe mag isa kasi babae ka.”

I thanked them for their concern and only went out when Mr. Zubiri came back. He didn’t even ask any help from him, instead, one of the riders from Pizza Hut assisted him with the transfer of the gas from the container and the start up of the engine. I quickly thanked him and told him, I was sorry I couldn’t give him anything in return. He told me “okay lang, basta mag ingat ka lang. pag kakakita mo sa mga kaibigan mo, magpagas na kayo ulit.”

In times like these, when I feel alone, and really miss him in times of trouble, I appreciate  that there are still kind samaritans out there willing to help. I used to think that people help me just because I wear short skirts or flash them my nicest smile, but last night, seeing me all bundled up and almost in tears, someone still helped me. Last night, I was imagining if ever he was still talking to me, he would’ve gotten mad and scolded me for being reckless, for not getting gas but would’ve been thankful at the same time.

I couldn’t fathom the idea if  ever someone saw me who’s all alone and they could’ve had bad intentions. I was hesitant at first to open my doors, but I couldn’t do anything since I couldn’t push my car up the hill. I placed my trust in someone I didn’t know and he proved me it’s nice to do good things.

So after last night’s incident, I learned a few things:

a) always gas up before leaving the house (the last incident of me having an empty gas tank was in Tiendesitas parking lot 8 months ago, but I was with him)

b) do not go out anymore if the traffic or weather is  bad

c) not everyone have bad intentions. Others are really nice and you do not have to wear anything short to ask for favors.

d) Not to put myself in dangerous situations. Not all the time, there will someone who will help me.

e) Pay it forward.

f) be thankful that there are still good samaritans. The first thing I did upon getting into my car was pray and said thank you for sending me a good person. Kaya pala napasok ako sa “accidente” kagabi was di ko dala yung Vatican rosary ko. 😦

So because of what Mr. Julius and the crew of Pizza Hut (FTI-East service road) did for me, I’m going to do something nice for someone. I want to pay it forward to someone in need today.



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